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The Spring Awakening Demo consists of the original 19 songs that Duncan Sheik wrote for the show. Duncan Sheik is singing all of the 19 songs with harmonies being added in by himself. Most of the songs that made it into the show are very similar to their original versions.

Song Description[]

  • Opening: A slow, quiet song featuring Latin or Greek lyrics. This song was cut from the show and its spot was filled by Mama Who Bore Me and the Reprise of Mama Who Bore Me.
  • They think they're so fast/All Numb-a series of solos of all the characters describing their anger at society and the adults, the chorus is led by Hanschen 
  • A Comet on its Way: Describes sexual actions and gives many names of different people, it is unknown the importance of each name. This song was also cut from the show and replaced with Bitch of Living.
  • My Junk: Very similar to the version heard in the actual show, the only difference are the drum beats in the background.
  • Touch Me: Nearly 100% unchanged from the final version. (Apart from it being a solo on the demo).
  • Mama Who Bore Me: More like the Reprise version in the show, excluding the strings in the background.
  • Great Sex: This song was cut from the show because the director felt that it did not do much to advance the story and was too vague. It's Hanschen's song during the masturbation scene.
  • Word of Your Body: Many more verses and intended for Hanschen and Ernst.
  • The Dark I Know Well: Nearly the same, does not include harmonies in the background. Meant to be sung by Thea.
  • And Then There Were None: Does not feature Fanny Gabor, but otherwise retains most of the melody and lyrics.
  • The Mirror-Blue Night: Minor lyric changes and melody changes.
  • I Believe: Was originally intended for Moritz's funeral scene (the lyric "Peace and joy be with them" is sung as "be with him"). Does not include certain harmonies and the end is slightly different from the finished product.
  • There Once Was a Pirate: Similar to the Off-Broadway version. Cut in the Broadway version and replaced with The Guilty Ones.
  • Don't Do Sadness/Blue Wind: Does not feature the duet between Ilse and Moritz near the end of the song.
  • Left Behind: Mostly the same, except for some lyrical differences.
  • You're Fucked: Similar to Totally Fucked. Features a PROMINENT harmonica. Not as energised as Totally Fucked.
  • Whispering: Slight background music changes. Melody and lyrics are nearly the same except higher implication that Melchior raped Wendla.
  • The Clouds Will Drift Away: Sung in the graveyard scene by Moritz's ghost and the Masked Man, where Moritz tries to get Melchior to kill himself, but the Masked Man convinces him to keep living. Was eventually reprlaced by Those You've Known.
  • Song of Purple Summer: Almost exactly similar to the final product. Excludes the harmonies of the chorus.