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  1. Otto Lammermeier is a supporting character in Spring Awakening.

He seems to have a crush on Marianna Wheelan. Shown to believe that the world will destroy the "little guy". Hanschen says that Otto would "sweat and stir churning [his pail of whole milk] into butter", implying that Otto is hard-working.

Fun facts[]

  • Had a sex dream about his mother, and he may have an Oedipus Complex.
  • Two characters from the play, Otto and Lämmermeier, were combined to create him, however he seems to have very few of the traits that either boy portrays in the play. Otto and Lämmermeier were both mean and rude and musical Otto has very few canon personality traits besides his interest in his mother.
  • Portrayed by Miles Barbee in the Deaf West revival with Sean Grandillo as his voice, who also plays bass. He and his voice are always disconnected, possibly because Otto is the most converted by oralism as he is seen often trying to make himself speak. (He does vocal workouts that Sonnenstich demonstrates during "All That's Known" in the pre-show).
  • He wears a sailor suit in Deaf West's revival, which has led people to hypothesize that he has an increased interest in boats and/or boating culture. However, the actors have said it's because he rides in the "boat" of bodies during "Touch Me" and is young and childish. Alex Boniello has said that the outfit was chosen because they saw a photo of a boy in a sailor suit and went "that's Miles [Barbee, actor for Otto in the DWSA revival]"
  • In the Deaf West revival, his voice also seemingly plays Bobby Maler.
  • a female swing in the Deaf West production, would've put on his sailor suit and gone on for him dressed as a boy if Miles Barbee had been out.
  • Though he is arguably the most boring "main" character, with only three very short "canon" lines (Outside of songs, which don't happen in canon space), Otto is inexplicably more prevalent in fanworks (fanfiction, art, and other fan-generated content) than Anna, Martha, or Thea.
  • Some members of the fanbase have begun pairing him with classmate Georg Zirschnitz. Although not a very popular pairing, the fans of these two have given them attention in fanworks, sometimes as a background relationship to the more popular pairing of Ernst Robel and Hanschen Rilow. Some fans have even given them the ship name "Ottorg".