Background Edit

Max von Trenk is mentioned posthumously in the original Frank Wedekind play. Hänschen Rilow was with him on his deathbed until his death, skipping school to do so. It is also said that Hänschen was the one who informed the school of Max's death. It is unknown whether their relationship extended beyond friendship.

Fun Facts Edit

  • He died before the events of the play, and is not in the musical.
  • We are never given any clear information about him as a person other than his name, and the fact that he died of the "brain fever."
  • Many scholars believe that Hanschen and Max were involved, either sexually or romantically, though it is not clearly stated; the relationship would respect classic Queer Lit tropes when it comes to foreshadowing, and is supported by Hans in the masturbation scene when he says that he's destroyed seven other "wives" but only names six paintings, leaving us to speculate who or what the seventh "destroyed" thing is