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Georg Zirschnitz is a supporting character in Spring Awakening.

He is best well known for lusting after his older, busty piano teacher. This is shown before "Bitch of Living," when Melchior tells Moritz that everyone has sexual dreams and that Georg has dreams about his piano teacher.

He has six solos throughout the musical. One in "Bitch of Living," "My Junk," "Touch Me", "The Word of Your Body (Reprise)", "And Then There Were None", and "Totally Fucked" in order. While nervous and awkward in dialogue, through song he is able to express his more confident and sexual side. He expresses this frustration in "Totally Fucked" with the lyric, "Well you're fucked if you just freeze up; can't do that thing, that, keeping still", showing his dissatisfaction in his passive nature.

Fun facts[]

  • Is sexually interested in his piano teacher.
  • Hanschen implies that he's a crybaby ("Spills his milk and cries all night")
  • He was played by Skylar Astin in the OBC.
  • Georg typically has glasses in most productions.