Frau Bergmann is the mother of Wendla in both musical and play. She refuses to give Wendla lessons about puberty and sex, leaving her daughter ignorant in both versions. After her discovery of Wendla's pregnancy, she denies any responsibility and forces her daughter to get an abortion, in which results into a fatal and botched one.


Frau Bergmann is a doting mother to her daughters and her grandchildren. Yet, she still pictures Wendla as a child, not a young woman. This causes her to not entrust the truth of reproduction with Wendla, leaving her naive and uneducated. She is an extremely shallowed-mind woman (along with the majority of the adults) and could not wrap her mind around Wendla's becoming a mother at such a young age and the scandal of having a child out of wedlock, too. Her decision to force Wendla into an abortion turns into an unsafe and ill-fated one, and covers up her death with anemia on her grave.


Wendla Bergmann Edit

Wendla Bergmann is Frau Bergmann's daughter, whom respects her mother and looks up to her. Though ashamed, she asks her mother questions of sex and

Wendla, her daughter

reproduction, flabbergasted, Frau Bergmann merely tells her that she "needs to love her husband with her whole heart." She is increasing worried about her daughter's blooming sexuality that she doesn't think of the consequences of her actions. She is accountable for Wendla's death and pregnancy, but holds Wendla responsible for having sex with Melchior.
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