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An assumed classmate of the Spring Awakening boys who Hanschen lusts for.

Fun Facts[]

  • In the Deaf West production, the sign used by Andy Mientus for khakis was "pants, package". This basically resulted in him grabbing his crotch.
  • In the musical, Bobby can be considered a classmate to the boys, or simply a name dropped in the song, The Bitch of Living.
  • It's hypothesized that Bobby is based on Robert from the play but there is little conclusive evidence of this, besides the related names.
  • As he was wearing khakis, even if he was not credited for that part officially, it is considered Sean Grandillo (Voice of Otto/Bass/Conductor) played him in the 2015 Deaf West Revival. Sean Grandillo confirmed this sort of and it is staged that Hanschen signs the Bobby Maler at him.
  • In the American version, he "looks so nasty in those khakis"; in the UK version, he "looks so crowded in those trousers"; in the German version he is Lukas Meir from the choir who looks sharp with a tie.
  • On the fanworks website Archive of our Own there's a popular tag called "Bobby Maler he's the worst," despite Hanschen's claim that he's the "best"
  • In some productions an actor actually plays the role by joining the rest of the boys in coral numbers, and the actor who plays Bobby is also the swing for the other male characters.