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Anna is a school girl who is good friends with Wendla, Martha, and Thea.

She is the only one shown to not have sexual feelings for men as she never mentions attraction to any boy besides parroting Thea's attraction to Melchior. Due to this, many in the fandom have decided that she is actually a lesbian and, although this is not confirmed, it is supported by how the original workshops of the musical imply her homosexuality (A Comet On It's Way).

She does not appear in the play.

She is the most liberal minded of the girls and supports Martha after Thea says her abuse is beneficial to their growth by saying that she wants her children to be free. At the end, when Thea says "Poor Melchior". Anna adamantly responds "Poor Wendla!"

She is loyal, open minded, innocent, and represents hope and the future.

Fun Facts[]

  • Phoebe Strole played her in the original production
  • She is played by actress Maia Tamrakar in the 2021 London revival at the Almeida Theatre.
  • Ali Stroker played her in the revival
  • In the revival, she is hearing and in a wheelchair
  • In the revival, she is implied to be Marianna Wheelan, the girl that Otto is crushing on
  • Lots of subtext implying she has a gay interest in Martha, especially in the revival:
    • In Deaf West's Spring Awakening, Anna and Martha spend the latter half of "Touch Me" dancing together
    • During "The Word of Your Body," Martha has her head on Anna's lap, and they hold hands
    • During "The Word of Your Body (Reprise)", Martha and Anna circle each other holding hands and sign "I'm gonna be your bruise" to each other
    • Anna is the first of the girls to join Martha and Ilse in "The Dark I Know Well"